How do I get paid?

How you get paid and how much you get paid is determined through your interview with your new perspective employer. We are not a recruiting agency. We connect employers and employees, and once you line up an interview, the responsibility is yours to make your new job a reality.

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple. Create a profile and employment opportunities are just a few clicks away.

Who will be able to see my profile?

For people looking for a job, your basic information will be visible to the public to see. Your first name and initial of your last name, your work experience, what type of job you are looking for, time availability, anything you wish to include in your profile will be visible to the public. However, only your full profile will be visible to the membership, which includes your last name and your contact information. For employers posting a job, the details of your job availability is easily accessible by all the people who have profiles set up. In addition, we will send notifications to the people in your area of a new job listing for them to view.

How long is a subscription?

The only subscription needed is for employers. This service is totally FREE for people looking for a job. For employers, you get to pick your subscription. Monthly and yearly options make it convenient to fulfill your employment needs. There is no difference in subscription packages based on how you utilize this service. If you want to post 1 job a month or 15, the membership fee remains the same.